The Nuclear World (Manitou), the engagement between the Crocodilians and the Alligatorians-Lizardanians, on that apocalyptic world, follows anon!


     Brian raised his binoculars, holding on with one hand to Clareina’s fin.  This one she kept mentally unsharpened, so Brian’s hand wouldn’t go straight through.  Brian saw trees and brush moving very fast.  Clareina turned to the left and looked down.  In the air, as Brian let the binoculars fall, the sun was so bright, Brian shielded his eyes.  Clareina spoke up, her voice raised.

            –I can see Littorian!  He arrived so, so quickly!  He’s helping Larascena, who stood alone.  Brian, that Alligatorian Warlord is certainly brave.  Littorian has the group from the ship with him!  Now, we can help them.

            –How many on our side?

            –I see six. 

            –That’s good, Clare.

            –Good enough for what?

            –A truce.

            –A truce?

            –We can’t allow more Crocodilians to be killed.

            –A truce?  These are the Crocodilians that shot our craft down in the first place!  They didn’t come this far to establish a truce with the likes of you, human!  Hell, they probably planned it all, all of it!  The thing is, they didn’t count on Littorian and Larascena to be in the same place.  That is their downfall!

            Brian was thinking ahead, and most unlike him.  Clareina just went on.

            –Do you even know what you’re dealing with, with these Crocodilians?  Are you moon bat crazy?  Do you know what they’ve done, what they’re capable of doing, to your body?  They’d pummel and burn you so bad; the dust of your body will be so minuscule, even a god like Littorian would have trouble putting you back together again. 

            –Then what do you think, my young saurian friend?

            Brian was definitely polite and civil to Clareina.  Secretly, riding the female Lizardanian thrilled him to no end.  A beautiful star dragon was she—and not a hint of fat on her.  He was respectful to the Lizardanian—even as a young saurian, she’d lived hundreds and hundreds of years beyond Brian’s mere 16 or 17 summers.  He’d loved the Lizardanian, the second saurian he’d loved.  Now, his love of Katrina was getting misty and faint.  They hadn’t ‘shared’ like the saurians ‘shared’ with him.  Brian’s love for Larascena, his Lara was so great, he couldn’t go another day without her.  That’s why he needed to help her.  Lara was his prime concern.  The only way to help so powerful a creature was with a truce. 


            For Littorian, this wasn’t the “opportunity” to prove himself to his people.  He hated this most of all.  Littorian had killed his share of Crocodilians—but he regretted it.  Not so Larascena.  The best Warlord on her planet, she relished in a battle with them.  This was her natural self.  In the saurian tradition, the Crocodilians didn’t use fire—but preferred physical combat, and without weapons.  Larascena’s weapons huddled in a stand-still, ‘on the bench,’ and ‘on the beach,’ floated nervously on the edge of the field of combat.  The battle on this waist-high grass, was so awesome, words wouldn’t do it justice. 

            Neither Littorian nor Larascena used weapons.  But the pilots and the young saurians did—they weren’t so powerful and they knew it.  The swords fought with a brand of Kendo that the young saurians knew well.  The pilots were holding their own, too, with a more mature kenjutsu form.

            Littorian’s own brand of Judo and Aikido made war on the Crocodilians like they couldn’t believe.  Littorian’s Aikido, blending and bending the attacker’s force rather than opposing it head-on, caused mayhem on the larger Crocodilians.  Littorian moved with Kung-Fu and Aikido; but he killed with Karate.  With Littorian about 50 yards to her right, Larascena had crushed more than 70 Crocodilians.  They were twice her size, twice her weight. 

            Clareina arrived and Brian hopped off of her before she hit the ground.  He sped towards the field.  Clareina was attacked immediately.  For Brian Miller, the Crocodilians dismissed him as a mere gnat. 

            Littorian directed his jiu-jitsu and Kung-fu assaults principally to his enemy’s throat.  That was the weak point.  The rest could count on a brain attack.  The 50-odd dead around him all suffered a gushing throat attack or a terrible brain hemorrhage.  Throat attacks were augmented by other forms of martial, or Lizardanian, arts.  Littorian’s reverse punches were scale-shattering.  Larascena’s circular hammer fist literally tore a hole into the scales and then she opened her claws within the Crocodilian’s bodies, creating a hole three or four times the size, ripping it out of them.  The Warlord’s cannon punches, elbow strikes, were backed up by her tiger claws, hammer fists and flying kicks.  The flying-foot kicks were followed up by an armless cartwheel and lung punches which finished off every Crocodilian, bar none. 

            The less-powerful ones, given the blood-curdling screams issued as they charged, Littorian just mind-exploded.  They passed with a squishing noise like a sponge being wrung into a drain.  The more powerful ones would be the victims of Littorian’s own brand of martial arts.  Littorian wouldn’t allow his victims to ‘roll him on the floor,’ or any such nonsense.  His moves were like lightening—or quicker.  One Crocodilian, Littorian used his Aikido on.  Clearly the biggest they had at over 18 feet tall, had Littorian’s sickle-shaped talon slam into his throat.  He rolled on the ground, culling a cavity which engaged three-quarters of his neck.  He cried out feebly, choking back the copious blood.  It wasn’t going quick enough, so Littorian ended him with a heart-smashing punch that made a small earthquake.  It decayed the entire chest in on the Crocodilian, making it push out all the air in him.  The Lord of the Lizardanians smashed him so hard; it pulverized the ground, making a small crater with his decimated, and bloodied, body. 

            Larascena was even more grotesque than Littorian.  Built like a muscled, roaring freight train, she relished in this kind of unvarnished killing.  In the mentally weak Crocodilians, she rearranged her victims innards with her furious mind, making them scream.  In the mentally strong Crocodilians, Larascena had something more permanent, and not hidden, in mind. Larascena pulverized them with judo aerial and roundhouse kicks, and body slashes.  Her slashes went right through their hapless bodies, as did all her kicks.  The Crocodilians raising their claws to Larascena were already considered carrion-ridden.  There was nothing left but some form of juicy crow guts. 

            Brian, seeing the carnage, was instantly repulsed.  Littorian, noticing his companion, looked sad, as seventy of the enemy were littered around him.  For him, he suffered not a scratch. But for Larascena, her left side was slashed by several claws, and the blood dripped down into pools.  In fact, she loved the blood, even if it was her own, it fueled her fury.  Four Crocodilians swiped at her.  Larascena, in a rage, shirred off the heads of the three, with her claws alone.  With her tail, she smashed the heads against the trees, wiping both out.  With the one remaining, she lifted him into the air, with ease.  He was twice as big.  She placed the Crocodilian on her razor-sharp fins on her back.  Then she squeezed the Crocodilian down.  He screamed, as Larascena’s fins razored through his protective scales.  Larascena then slashed his throat with one finger, to silence him.  And then she squeezed him more.  A gurgle was all that was heard. Twelve more Crocodilians hesitated, and even more behind them. 

            –That’s all you’ve got, collectively?  You bunch of yard apes; I’ll crush your bones on my back, all of you!  Come on and get squeezed, one at a time!  Or all of you at once!  You’re so weak, it’s just, well, human!

            The leader of the Crocodilians urged them to attack.  He was already forming one huge line, with five deep, to hit them hard.  Sacrifice everyone—those were his orders.  When the enemy saurians are all engaged, use fire to finish them. 

            The pilots and the young saurians were battling too.  They didn’t have the crowded level of Crocodilians around them.  For some of them, the tide was going against them.  Brian emerged in the center of the fray.  Then, something ancient (and so totally awkward) entered Brian’s mind.

            –Let me talk to your, er, leader!